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Sherwin Incorporated has manufactured its Dubl-Chek line of liquid dye inspection penetrants and related products since 1964.

Dubl-Chek products are approved by governing agencies worldwide, including the US Government, ASME, ASTM, as well as the prime aerospace and military contractors and OEM’s. Dubl-Chek fluorescent penetrants are used widely in aerospace, while Dubl-Chek visible penetrants are used throughout the welding and nuclear power industries.


Through extensive raw and finished materials testing, the company adheres to the highest possible quality assurance standards. Dubl-Chek products are uniform from batch to batch, and conformance certificates are always supplied free of charge.

Sherwin Incorporated’s greatest commitment is to its customers.

The company maintains an inventory at its plant in Southern California, at its Mid-West center near Cincinnati, Ohio, and elsewhere throughout the United States and the world.


The company’s products are also manufactured in Europe.

A technical sales staff and a global network of knowledgeable representatives – all specialists in NDT – help customers acquire appropriate penetrant products and insure after sales service.

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